Sunday, August 1, 2010


It has been a relaxing week of doing some "stuff" around the house to get a little more settled along with a lot of just doing nothing. We've seen three movies...that has to be a record....and swam at 10:30 at night just because we could. It has been wonderful.

I'm back to work tomorrow. It will be crazy for the next two months but I'm looking forward to it now that I've rejuvinated a little. Next weekend we get to keep Kaleb so that Heather and Keith can enjoy a weekend away with their friends. We will look forward to that as well.

We are unsure about how things are going to turn out for Henry and full-time employment. It's looking a little like it's not going to work out and he will continue part-time but that's okay too. We know God has brought us this far and it's all in his hands. We continue to be thankful for provisions in a mighty and powerful way.

My dad goes back to the doctor tomorrow and another round of chemo. The stent surgery went well but he continues to have "issues" so I'm asking for continued prayers. Cancer just sucks. I know that's a bad word because my mom told me that all my life but, honestly, there's not a nicer word to describe it. More drama continues with the drug addict niece so my parents have her girls as well. Drug addiction also sucks.

On a nicer note, have a GREAT week.

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