Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful day...

Today has been just beautiful. It's also been a great week so far! Here are some Cribb highlights!
  • Henry received an "Allstar" award from Home Depot. Voted by the managers as one of the top 15 customer service associates in his store (he was #8)! Pretty good for a part-timer, huh?
  • Heather was selected as "Teacher of the Month" for her school for March. Go Heather! She's teaching varying exceptionalities this year and enjoying seeing the progress her kids are making.
  • In his program at school, Chad received the highest score on the test he took today! Go Chad! He's loving school! Work and school....a winning combination for him.
  • Our (WPT) Exit Option kids found out today that they passed the GED test! If they continue to do as well as they have been in the rest of the program at Winter Park Tech, they will be able to graduate with their class in June!

Just wanted to share....

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