Friday, October 9, 2009

For God so loved the world...

Thank you for your prayers for us. We continue to move toward purchasing our own house and I have to admit that I have been through many nights of not sleeping as I thought of all the "what if's". Interestingly enough, just last weekend, I was told specifically by a friend to not do the "what if's" because there's no point. It was very surreal as that is exactly what I had been doing. I had to smile. Once again, God had delivered a very specific instruction through a very special friend.

Speaking of special friends... I have to say we are blessed by friends who are willing to be inconvenienced in order to reach out. God used a couple of amazing families and guys this week to touch our family in a very specific way. We are humbled, grateful, and blessed. Thanks guys.

Thank you for prayers for my dad. He continues on meds for the cellulitis. He is not 100% in the clear but is home and fighting a low-grade fever. With all the chemo he takes, his immune system is compromised so it just takes longer to heal sometimes.

Tarpon family - will you please pray for our Apopka church family who lost a 101-year-old dear, sweet man named Dale this week. He was the coolest guy! You all would have loved him! He passed away earlier this week and his funeral is this weekend.

Apopka family - will you please pray for the Tarpon church's minister of music's family as his dad passed away this week as well. Mr. Drick was in his 80's and such a blessing to his family. I know Tom will miss him terribly. Mr. Drick's funeral is also this weekend.

Thanks for those of you who email and call. We love hearing from you! Please stay in touch.

Blessings, Pam (and Henry)

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Robin Wikle said...

Wow, I feel like I caught up with your beautiful family. Thanks for posting this blog and keeping your T-Springs family updated. I miss you daily and value the small amount of time we had together. Please tell Chad he is MISSED! Caleb is a breath of fresh air, and you are blessed.
I love you,