Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm going to Tallahassee with Melissa for her final rounds for Teacher of the Year. Melissa is the friend I lived with for a few months while Henry was living at my parents' helping them rebuild their home. It will be a fun time for us to catch up as well as give me an opportunity to help her practice for the interview. :)

My parents had their Open House on Saturday! Some ladies from their church helped with the food so all my parents had to do was get the house cleaned. It was a great turnout as my parents have lived in the same small town for 50+ years and have been very active in their church and community. It was wonderful to see how very proud my parents are of their new home.

We got to babysit Kaleb on Sunday. Still so thankful that we are so blessed.

Make it a great week!


Pat said...

That is the sweetest smile and I know the most loved baby. Now is my favorite time with a baby...the smiles, the personalities starting to show.
Hope you have a great summer!

Changing Times for the Cribb's said...

He is adorable and we could just sit and watch him for hours. He changes weekly, practically daily! We love it, love it, love it!

Enjoy your summer as well and tell your family hello!