Saturday, June 6, 2009


Heather and Kaleb came over today and he is growing like crazy! Fourteen pounds of yummy goodness and smiling more and more! We just sit and talk and talk and talk.

I'm hoping to be able to put up a picture or two of my parents' open house. To be honest, we were busy helping them take care of last minute details and then got busy showing people through the house that I didn't take but a few pictures! Shame on me because I'm not sure it will ever be as clean again, especially my dad's desk! :) They were so proud and I know Henry felt proud watching them show off their comfortable and beautiful home.

We're off to church in the morning to worship and then we get to babysit Kaleb while Keith and Heather attend the second service. We love it!

Thank you for emails and cards and phone calls. You bless us.

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