Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a weekend...

Our son-in-law's grandmother died last week so Heather and Keith flew to Michigan for the funeral. Heather texted that it was 5 degrees today! We had planned to put up garage shelving for them this weekend so Henry and I took them to the airport Saturday morning and then carried on with the project.

I couldn't help but feel like God was talking to me during the process. Stay with me a minute and you'll understand. When Henry was measuring and placing the beginning tracks on the wall, if you looked at it with the naked eye, everything looked level. However, when he placed the level on the tracks to make certain everything was straight, it wasn't even close in some cases. I felt like God was saying, "Pam, things may look like one thing to you but be sure to use ME as your level to make sure you are keeping things straight." Even after all the shelving was up, I mentioned what I had been thinking to Henry and he proceeded to show me how the garage floor had a slight decline that you don't even notice. That detail skewed the visual. Thank God for levels and His Word so that we can keep things straight!

My parents are still feeling puny but doing better. Both had bronchitis. Yuck. The house continues to move along quickly and we still continue to believe they will be in by February 14. Some of you may know that I have a niece and nephew who my parents have helped a lot. Within the next two weeks, each one (niece this week and nephew next week) has a court date regarding issues with their children and custody. Please pray for wisdom for the judge.

My friend's beautiful home is now on the market! If you know someone who is house-hunting in the Lake Mary/Longwood area, let me know and I'll send you the link to the virtual tour.

Make it a great week! God bless...

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