Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Prayer Request: Please pray for my dad who was hospitalized today with an infection. They are running tests on his kidneys as well as have him on a heart monitor. Checking blood work, etc., things don't seem to be adding up properly so we are just praying God will heal his body. Once again, my parents are very grateful that Henry is there and could handle everything at the house as well as help with Tyler, my nephew who lives with my parents. We are praying for a quick recovery for Daddy.

Have you ever judged someone based on what you saw? I was reminded yesterday why Jesus taught, "Do not judge."
I was traveling on 275 in the left lane. Checking my mirror and looking back to make sure it was safe to move into the middle lane, I proceeded to make the shift. Almost instantly, a car in the right lane proceeded to move into the middle lane as well! She would have sideswiped me had I not moved back into the left lane. That's when it happened. The car in the left lane that had been behind me stood on his horn! He had no idea that defensive driving on my part had protected us all from a horrific accident. In fact, my thanks from him was the universal "hand signal" for frustration as he blew past me once I was able to actually move into the middle lane.
This thought came to mind immediately - how many times do we make a judgement based only on what we can see? The young man in the "frustrated" car had no idea what was happening right before his very eyes. Certain facts were hidden from him. From my vantage point, I could see everything and knew I had handled the situation in such a way that protected not only myself but the young woman in the car who had made a mistake as well as the angry young man behind me.
From God's vantage point, how many times must he shake his head and think, "You silly girl. You have no idea what I just protected you from." My role has got to be that I trust in his protection and not get frustrated when I can only see a part of the picture.

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