Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots of stuff...

Check out the new photos!

  • Praise report! My dad received word that the spot on his lung appears to have been a shadow as the CT scan showed no cancer! Praise God!
  • I have orientation for my new job on Wednesday!
  • One of my great-nieces turned one this past week. Check out the pictures of Miss Brinleigh Story. She LOVED the cake!
  • Henry is having a great time working at my parents' home. He has repaired several things for my parents, supervised "stuff" happening at the new house, dined with his own dad several times, poured a cement pad for the A/C unit and I helped (very little) him as he prepared an area in the attic for storage. It has absolutely been the right place for him to be at this moment.
  • We are thankful for many friends who are helping us with this transition time of our lives.

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