Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kaleb and Update

We enjoyed a family dinner on Saturday to celebrate Kaleb's second birthday. He had watermelon instead of cake. We laughed that one day he will ask Heather and Keith what they were thinking when they gave him watermelon instead of cake. Kaleb is all into Toy Story now so Chad and Danielle surprised him by dressing as Woody and Jessie. I don't know who enjoyed it more...Kaleb or the rest of us!

Update on my dad: As we learned more about a new pain management drug and after a bone scan, it was decided to radiate some areas in his back. Hopefully, the radiation will help with the pain and help him hold on, hopefully, in time for the new chemo pill to come in that the doc has been waiting on for about two months now. He is very weak and the radiation doesn't help that but it's what has to happen right now. So far, it's two days down and eight to go. I continue to pray for my mom's health and stamina.

Our church moves to its new sanctuary this Sunday. I'm thankful we have been brought to this church family and I look forward to seeing the next steps God has for us. God has been speaking loudly to me through our pastor. He's been preaching from Genesis and the story of Joseph. Wow. I want to be like Joseph. I continue to be thankful for God's grace and forgiveness.

Happy Easter to you. May you be focused on what it is really all about.

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karen perez said...

How cute are those pictures! I will definitely be keeping your dad in my prayers. I thought of him and of you at Relay last weekend.