Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy birthday to my daddy!

My dad turns 77 today. He and mom just returned from visiting Williamsburg, VA with my aunt and uncle...just for fun. I'm so glad they got a chance to do that. This week, he has chemo on Monday and a stint put in his bladder on Wednesday. Tumors are making it difficult for the bladder to work properly so....they're doing a "workaround." Thank you for your prayers.

This week brought several visits with good, good friends. We are thankful for them all.

We went to see Russ and Darlene yesterday. Please continue to pray for this family. It is heartbreaking to see brain cancer in action. Darlene amazes me with her strength for, as well as goodness, and kindness to her husband. Only prayers will see her through this. If you want, please feel free to meet Russ and Darlene via this link for their Caringbridge site.

Our good friend in North Carolina, Pete, had unexpected bypass surgery this week. We welcome prayers for his recovery as well.

We are thankful to be homeowners. Our praise this week is that we came home Saturday night and I heard water running in the laundry room...where there was no water running. We were able to detect a water leak in the pipes and Henry was able to fix it before things got too messy. There is no doubt that we need plumbing advice (know a good plumber?) but, for the time being, he was able to put a stop to it. I'm thankful he is multi-talented.

What about Kaleb you ask? He is understanding so much now and does his best to actually communicate. He says bye bye and takes direction so that you know he understands what you are saying. That directions means that sometimes he chooses to obey and sometimes he chooses to give you the option of knowing if that's is what you really mean. :) This is the first weekend in a very long time that we didn't have him in the pool but the kids dropped him off while they went to flag football practice so I got a couple of hours of Kaleb sugar tonight. I'm feeling bad for Grandpa that he was at work but, hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Make it a fabulous week!

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