Monday, May 3, 2010

Family and stuff...

My parents were able to go to my dad's 58th high school class reunion on Saturday. The class meets every year now! They had such a great time! Mom's pain from the shingles still comes and goes but it was "gone" so that she could attend with Daddy. Daddy's white blood count stayed up, thanks to the help of a shot that he received Thursday and Friday so they had a great time.

We spent the weekend working in the yard, having dinner with friends (thanks Pete and Zona!), and then enjoyed time with the kids at our house on Sunday afternoon. Kaleb was a little out of sorts and we didn't know exactly why but he is definitely sick today. Heather and Keith are a little under the weather too so please pray for quick recovery.

One lesson I learned from Kaleb yesterday. He loves the water but, like I said, he was a little out of sorts so he chose to play with a standing water/sand play table we got him for his birthday. He was walking over to it from the pool and just stopped all of a sudden. The stop was followed by a scream. He had walked onto a "hot spot" on the pool deck and just froze when his feet got hot. Heather scooped him up and put him right in the pool and he calmed down, Chad hosed off the "hot spot" and cooled it off for him, but I got to thinking about it. How many times do we hit a "hot spot" in life and we just freeze...and scream...and wait for someone, or God, to come along and scoop us up and rescue us? The truth is Kaleb is one and doesn't know that all he had to do was keep walking quickly and he would have gotten to a cool spot almost immediately. We, however, are more "mature" and should know that if we keep walking, and trusting, that we will hit the "cool spot" soon. Just something to think about...

Thank you for continued prayers for full-time employment for Henry. We continue to wait and pray.

Have a blessed week.


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