Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week!

Last Sunday evening, I awoke in the middle of the night to an upset stomach. It seems Kaleb shared his bug with me. I made it through the next two days with help from Henry and Chad and even Kaleb. Heather and Keith arrived home safely late Tuesday night and the week continued for all of us as we adjusted back to our "norms." I wouldn't exchange a single second with this precious child but know why God gave the world parents...and grandparents. We all have our roles and I'm happy to be the latter right now. They came for dinner tonight and I enjoyed getting some "Kaleb sugar" all evening while his bleary-eyed parents talked about how he didn't sleep much last night which means they didn't sleep much last night! :)

Chad started school this week and absolutely loves the program. He is learning about the digital audio recording world and had a very productive week. It is a little weird to have him in the kitchen with me at 6:30am at first but, again, we have adjusted to a new norm for us. Please continue to pray for employment for him. He is going to school full time so he needs an afternoon/evening job. I have no doubt God will provide.

My dad has been having some health issues again and had a full body bone scan done this past week. Praise God the test results came back negative for cancer lesions in the bone. He now sees another doctor to continue some testing but we all have breathed a sigh of relief as we thanked God for these latest results.

This week we have been reminded of God's faithfulness to us through the love of friends. We are thankful for our jobs and continue to pray for full-time employment for Henry while we pray for any-time employment for Chad. :)

Know you are loved and prayed for,


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