Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who knew walking would be so hard?

Okay, so I'm working hard to get healthy and I've started walking. I'm determined and have already learned that the walk goes quicker with an ipod than without. So...if you have any motivating songs on your playlist that you can recommend, send the titles my way!

Have you ever been in a place where you know God is trying to teach you something but you're not exactly sure what? That's where I am. I feel like it may have something to do with extremes because my surroundings are that...from one extreme to another. When we are in Trenton, we are staying in a RV in my parents' backyard. When I am here (in Orlando), I am staying in my friend's beautiful and large house. The two teachers I am working with are very different. Like our two homes, they are both wonderful yet very different. I've been thinking that maybe God is teaching me to be flexible and to be content with wherever I am.

Henry and I continue to pray about his future employment as he works hard at my parents' home. They are looking at possibly 5-6 weeks out so there is something to be handled every day.

Please pray for my great-niece, Addison, who is 1 1/2 years old. She started limping as she walked and after x-rays and a MRI, the docs have said there is a "dark spot" on her ankle that they have determined is not a fracture. They have cast her leg to keep her from putting pressure on her foot and will figure out the next steps once the cast is removed. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

We continue to be grateful for prayers on our behalf. Know we are praying for you as well.

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Livin' for Jesus said...

Kirk Franklin - Looking for you. Upbeat and a wonderful message. I listen to it almost everyday to get me going.

I also have it on my Ipod.

Miss you and love you,
Bobbie Crane