Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

I haven't posted since Christmas basically due to laziness. :) We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas at Heather's and then returned to Trenton for a few days of helping my parents pick out lights, fans, etc. , along with some regular family time. Henry and I went to Tarpon Springs to bring in the new year. Chad was with Danielle so we had the house to ourselves. It included lots of football watching which we both enjoy. With our current living situations, it was good to be just the two of us. As I was packing the car to come back to Orlando (can you keep up with our travels?), I walked out and Henry was standing on the sidewalk "talking" to two squirrels! I kid you not! Henry would "talk" and one of the squirrels would "talk". Henry would "talk" and the other squirrel would "talk". It went on for several minutes. I laughed so hard! Henry said one of the squirrels had been in a tree in front of the neighbor's house and came over when he heard him "talking"! Henry told me he was the "Squirrel Whisperer" and we decided it is proof Henry is "squirrelly". Henry left to return to Trenton today. Can I just say I hate that part?

We have received several cards and emails and I cry over practically every one. We are blessed to have people who love us and are willing to make the effort to communicate that love to us. For right now, we aren't doing a very good job of communicating...except with God. That is constant. I ran into an old friend (she's not old...just been a friend for a long time) a couple of days ago and we wondered how people make it through tough times when they have no faithwalk. How very sad. We must spread the word that there is hope!!!

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of Aun Price and Jim Gant from Tarpon Springs as both of them have gone to be with our Lord within the past week. The last time I was at church in Tarpon, Mr. Gant was so sweet and kind...just like always...asking how Henry was, telling us how much he missed us, etc.

Tomorrow I am back to work! After working four days and then having two weeks off, I'm sure it will be great to get back into the swing of normalcy. I hope you make it a great week!

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