Monday, December 1, 2008

A Glitch in the Job Start

After arriving at work today, I received word that my fingerprints were declared "illegible" for the second time so I can't start work officially until "they" have done a national database search and know that I'm not a criminal. orientation to Winter Park Tech was short but enough to reinforce that I am in the right working environment. It may be a week or two before I can officially start so I took care of lots of errands today and enjoyed some time with a couple of friends. I also dropped in on Heather's classroom for a little while and enjoyed watching her in action!

Prayer Request Update: Linda's dad, Ray, came through the hip surgery this afternoon. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery.


FUMC Fran said...

Hey,this is my first blog!! Your site is great. Sorry your first day of work was so short - enjoy your extra time off. Just want you and Henry to know how blessed Gary and I are by Chad leading worship on Sundays. This past Sunday he sang a song in worship that was so powerful.

Hope all is well and thank for bringing me into the Blogging World.



Changing Times for the Cribb's said...

Thanks for going to all the effort to post Fran! We miss you!