Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So much happening...

Since my last post, lots has happened.

We have moved out of the parsonage and will have a cleaning party with some of the choir ladies Thursday evening.

Our music minister, Tom, called and asked if I would lead the choir on Sunday because he needed to travel to Pennsylvania to see his wife who had a heart attack last week. (She has been moved to a regular room now and is hoping to be able to come home later this week.) It was an emotional morning but one that I am thankful for. It was a blessing to be able to be back with the choir, our church family, as well as be able to hear Chad with Generations during the 9:15 service.

Today, Carole Wilcox and I sat at a precinct for Robin Wikle who is running for School Board. We had six hours of good talking time and I enjoyed every minute of it! It was supposed to be a sunny day but, instead, was overcast and mid-60's. Thankfully, Henry brought us some hot chocolate which helped warm us up!

Thank you God for friends, family, and all that comes from being a part of your family. We are blessed.

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