Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cribb Update

Congratulations to my friend, Robin, who won her school board race in Pinellas County! There is no one who deserves it more or who will work harder for the children of Pinellas County. I am proud to call her friend.

Thank you to Karol, Donna, Amanda and Georgie for helping me clean the parsonage on Thursday evening. We worked a while and visited longer! :)

On Friday, we went to Trenton. On the way there, I received a call with an official offer for a teaching position. Thank you God! Henry developed a high fever Friday evening which finally broke early this morning. He is staying in Trenton to help with my parents' rebuild.
I traveled to Longwood today to be able to complete paperwork for the new job as well as take care of a few more errands that are involved in the move.

We saw Heather and Keith this weekend. The baby continues to grow and we will find out the week of Thanksgiving if "we" have a boy or girl! We also spent lots of time with all of our great-nieces and I hope to be able to post some pictures once I can get some things unpacked.

I hope you have a great and wonderful week. Know God loves each and every one of us! Isn't that amazing?!?

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