Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Devo for Today...

The Upper Room devotion for today was just what I needed. I pray it will speak to you as well.

Letting Go
Luke 6:27-38
As I walked by the nurses' station at work, I caught the ending words of a conversation among my co-workers. It was about me! What they were saying was not very favorable. What's more, it wasn't true. That really hurt. Upon seeing me, all the talkers became very quiet. During the rest of the shift, all of them either avoided me or were overly friendly. I carried a heavy heart the rest of that day.
The next day I prayed about how I should react to their behavior. How do I handle my hurt? Soon I came to realize that I am not responsible for deceit in others. I am not responsible for people who say one thing but act otherwise. I have no control over others; nor do I have the right to judge them. I am, however, responsible to God for my actions toward others, even those who hurt me. I took great comfort in this truth. So I resolved not to retaliate or hold a grudge.
Letting go of hurts is not easy. The Bible tells me not to judge others. We cannot monitor their hearts or change their behavior. That's God's job.

Prayer: Loving God, teach us to show kindness to one another and to forgive when others disappoint us. Amen.

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