Thursday, October 23, 2008

Go Rays and Update...

Well, the Rays are in the World Series! Last night, our friend Chuck Wilcox was a part of the Color Guard for the opening game. Chuck is in the Coast Guard Reserves. A little Chuck trivia...he was a part of the Color Guard for the inaugural Devil Rays baseball game so how cool that he was able to participate in the opening ceremony for their first World Series game. The Rays lost last night, 2-3, but we are hoping for better results tonight.

This week we have been doing more packing and had a travel day yesterday. We went to my parents' for a meeting with the builder, then on to Orlando to pick up some things from Heather, then back home. We are thankful for safe travel. Heather's tummy is growing little by little and I will post a picture of her when I've had a chance to "unload" my camera.

We received a phone call today from one of the "kids" who lived with us back when we lived in Macclenny. When he lived with us, Chad and Heather were toddlers. It was so fun to tell him about Heather...

Thank you to those who have emailed and/or called. We appreciate those contacts! We continue to stand on Jeremiah 29:11!

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