Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kaleb is 3!

Kaleb Michael Bielski turned three years old on Thursday. Saturday we had family over to watch him play in his first soccer game and then came to our house to celebrate the big day. We didn't think about the fact that with all of his family showing up at his first soccer game, he would be WAY more interested in visiting with us than with playing soccer on the field. Oh well, he had a good time anyway....and so did we.

Miss Kendyl is growing so quickly and there is nothing like her sweet smile as she works so hard to "talk." She rolled over for the first time yesterday so Heather and Keith only have so long before she will be everywhere.

We attended the play at Apopka High School this past weekend too. What a joy to watch this long time tradition be rekindled. The bonus of seeing Ragan on stage was pretty awesome as well. Hard to believe she is a senior! Hello!!! Where did the time go?

Speaking of time, my 35th high school class reunion is this coming weekend. I feel like I'm only 35 so how can it be my 35th class reunion? The mystery of aging, I guess.

We continue to pray for many of our friends including Heywood as he continues the healing process from the bone marrow transplant and Angela as she heals from the double mastectomy and little newborn Kennedy as she just gets stronger and stronger. We are grateful for relationships that are a part of our extended family of God. Let's make it a great week.

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