Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cribb update

Much has happened since the last post and, thankfully, it's almost 100% wonderful! After nine days in the hospital, Kendyl came home on no oxygen and is doing great! Her cough is still there a little but we'll take it after all she went through. During her stay, she changed so much and is now very much aware of her surroundings and will smile at you, etc. She is a cutie!
Kaleb has grown too and is as smart as a whip. He can tell you his birthday is April 12th and that he wants Lion King cupcakes made by Aunt Danielle (Chad's girlfriend) at his party. We will repeat anything he says so Heather and Keith and all those around are very aware that anything they say and do can be soaked up by a little boy. This explains the picture of Heather and Kaleb from Ash Wednesday. At the church service, Kaleb got a sticker on his hand reminding him of how much Jesus loves him. When they got home and began taking him out of the car seat, they noticed he had placed his sticker on his forehead so that he looked like his mommy and daddy! Parents, beware! :)
We are going to buy my dad's 1968 Ford Bronco from my mom and were in Trenton this weekend to see if Henry's brother-in-law could help us get it started. This Bronco is the one I drove to high school and it is pictured several times in our yearbook for different reasons. All those memories came roaring back and I couldn't help but think that my dad would love to see me in it again. Then this morning, I got a text that one of my good friends in high school passed away yesterday. Since only 44 of us graduated from Trenton in 1977, there have been a flurry of texts, emails, and Facebook messages as we are in disbelief that one of us has died. What a weekend.
As I write this, God has reminded me this weekend of how very thankful I am to be in this place right now. Our kids are around us, we both have jobs we love, and God has provided mightily. We continue to look forward to what He has in store.

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