Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today is Henry's last day with Home Depot! He is now full time at Winter Park Tech and we are thankful. It's been a crazy first week of school with students. Our school is also undergoing our accreditation (every 5 years) so we have a power packed month until the team visit. In all things, we are thankful.

Hope things are going well in your corner of the world. We are looking forward to this new change in our life and are looking forward to figuring out our "new normal".

I have a prayer request for you. There is a little girl here in Orlando who has been diagnosed with GBM, the same kind of cancer Russ McConnell battled. She was just diagnosed in July and her parents have now been told that she has three months at the most. Her name is Ava and she's about 5. Her uncle is Isaac Hunter, pastor of Summit Church in Orlando. (Heather and Keith attend Summit Waterford, a branch campus of Summit.) Her grandfather is Joel Hunter, pastor of Northland Church. Ava's parents and family are strong people of faith. Even with this latest news, Ava's parents continue to seek help and have found a doctor in New Jersey they are working with, if they can get her there in time. Please pray for this situation.

Update on my dad: His latest CAT scan shows more and larger tumors in the chest and pelvic area. He has started on a new chemo that has just been approved for use in the USA. He is the first patient his doctor has tried it on. Thank you for so many prayers over the years and hope you will continue to do so!

Make it a great week!

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