Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catching up a little...

I'm sitting in Panera catching up a little on things we need to take care of via the internet. Technology is something I have come to take for granted but we are being reminded that nothing should be taken for granted. Everything on this earth is temporary and not too important in the big scheme of things.

We spent the day with Henry's dad yesterday. He turns 80 this week. It was so much fun to sit around with his sisters and the whole family and just laugh. They even got an impromptu concert from Chad as he sang a few of the songs he has written! It was the first time some of them had heard his work.

Please join us as we pray for progress on "our" house. We are hoping to hear something soon so that we can move forward and get settled into our own home. We continue to be thankful for God's provision of a place to stay while we wait for word on our house.

School officially starts tomorrow for teachers. Heather goes back to work. She has found a wonderful sitter for Kaleb but I know her emotions will be very mixed as she spends her first day at work without Kaleb. (He's been going to work with her as she has been getting her room ready for children.)

Henry continues to work at Home Depot as we pray for his employment. I love my job as I am now working with high school students (juniors/seniors) on our adult campus. We both enjoy the time we get with Kaleb and have loved watching him grow. There is no doubt that he loves his Grandpa! The two of them looking at each other make both of them break out in smiles!

Our mailing address continues to be the same: PO Box 2425, Winter Park, FL 32790. Please drop us a note any time! Our phone numbers are the same as well!

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